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Wells with curable resin-coated proppant tail-in do enhance IP and EUR in comparison to wells with only frac sand. Based on Fairmount Santrol's findings, wells with a 10-20% resin-coated proppant tail-in, will typically payback in 2-4 months and increase the Net Present Value of the well.

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Importance of Size & Shape for Proppants Quality Ian Treviranus ASTM D18.26 Jacksonville, FL . January 2013 ... and change of roundness because of the resin coating of sand grains or ceramic proppants • Also possible: ... and crushed interlocking particles in a …

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Curable coated sand Anti-backflow proppant Water Block Proppant Test report: RCP-S 20/40 RCP-C 20/40 CM 20/40 CM 30/50. BlackGold Equipment LLC is a high end frac sand manufacturer, we manufacture several kinds of frac proppant, including Resin Coated Proppant, Ceramic proppant, Refined silicon sand proppant, Anti-Backflow Proppant, Curable ...

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InnoProp® PLT is an ultra highperformance nonphenolic curable resin coated proppant designed to prevent proppant flowback in lowtemperature reservoirs without the use of an activator. The Polyurethane Low Temperature resin, coated on highquality U.S. Silica White® sand, is designed to enable bonding down to 70°F bottomhole static . Get Price

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Nov 04, 2014· Currently there are two types of resin-coated sand: pre-cured and curable resin . The former has a higher crush resistance, and because the resin is fully cured, it …

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Flowback control in low temperature reservoirs PROPSTAR® CRYOSET ™ curable resin coated sand is engineered for reservoirs down to 90°F without the use of a chemical activator. Provides flowback control in low temperature reservoirs down to 90°F without the use of a chemical activator Delivers superior crush resistance while maintaining proppant integrity The curable resin Read More >

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A comprehensive review on proppant technologies. ... This process is commonly referred to as curing. Pre-cured, resin-coated sand is processed by applying or "coating" the resin on to silica sand. ... The sieve distribution of the generated fines in crush test suggests that the mechanism of decreasing fines generation compared to uncoated ...

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Development of Resin Coated Sand Ijaz Ali, M. Mubbashir Saeed, Faisal Iqbal, Pervaiz Mahmood (G.M. Foundry, Ravi Autos) Ravi Autos [email protected] Introduction Resin Coated Sand is an economical and excellent material to produce Cores & Molds in Foundry practices around the globe. To achieve precise dimensions, smooth core ...

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Preferred's resin coating technology is designed to increase your production efficiency and upgrade your performance, combining the benefits of a conventional curable and precured resin to stop sand flowback. Diminish or eliminate proppant flowback; Minimize crush at extreme closure stress


api crush test 40/80 % by weight fines @5,000 psi 0.50 @7,500 psi 2.00 ... carbobond rcs (c) curable resin-coated sand typical chemical properties resin type phenolic equilibrium ph 8.9-9.3

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Sep 12, 2014· Rating is available when the video has been rented. ... Coating Stainless Tumblers with Amazing Clear Cast Resin by Alumilite - Duration: ... Resin Coated Sand Manufacturing Plant & Process ...

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In a wet, hot crush comparison test of 40/70 mesh waterfrac proppants, Momentive's Prime Plus curable resin-coated sand generated fewer fines than Northern White sand, economy lightweight ceramic, or tempered resin-coated sand and at dif-ferent closure pressures. (Graphic courtesy of Momentive)

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Why does resin coated sand have higher conductivity? Resin helps spread stress over larger area and reduce the point loading that tends to cause crushing and the resin encapsulated any crushed material and prevents it from migrating and plugging. When using curable resin coated proppant, what do …

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Curing is a chemical process employed in polymer chemistry and process engineering that produces the toughening or hardening of a polymer material by cross-linking of polymer chains. It is strongly associated with the production of thermosetting polymers.Curing can be initiated by heat, radiation, electron beams, or chemical additives. Characteristically curing entails an increase in vi

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DSC-03 curable resin-coated sand is high-quality, spherical, monocrystalline quartz Northern White sand coated with a curable resin for use above 170°F (77°C). As compared to uncoated sands, this sand's durable coating can significantly reduce fines related to conductivity losses, and, because the coating is non-reactive, it can

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Fig. 14.31 shows a photo of 20/40-mesh white sand, resin-coated sand, and ceramic proppant samples. Proppant selection is a balance of quality and cost. Sands are cheaper than resin-coated sands, and much cheaper than ceramic proppants.


api crush test 40/80 % by weight fines @5,000 psi 0.5 @7,500 psi 2.0 ... fairmount santrol coolset curable resin-coated sand physical and chemical properties mesh bulk density, lb/ft2 bulk density,

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Jul 31, 2012· Two main types of resin-coated sand are used in the industry—curable and pre-cured resin. Curable resin has the ability to react and bond to other resin particles, while pre-cured resin does not have this ability. Pre-cured resin has higher crush resistance and interacts less with the fracturing fluid because the resin is fully cured.

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One way to maintain an ideal mesh size (i.e. permeability) while having sufficient strength is to choose proppants of sufficient strength; sand might be coated with resin,to form CRCS (Curable Resin Coated Sand) or PRCS (Pre-Cured Resin Coated Sands).

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Curable resin-coated sand prevents proppant flowback by setting into a pack, which keeps raw sand in the fractures to improve well performance. CoolSet ® curable resin-coated sand sets without activator in reservoir temperature as low as 100° F. OptiProp ® curable resin-coated sand, which also prevents proppant flowback, offers superior ...

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I really hope I've saved someone the trouble of ordering this. The reviews I read were mostly positive, but it ended up being a waste. ... I made the mistake of buying a cheap UV curing resin from Wish, and started making some small pieces experimentally. ... You can also sand machine or drill after it is cured. I've used it quite a bit to set ...

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Plenco novolac resins come with and without a curing agent. ... The fluid fills the nascent fissures and the resin-coated sand works as a prop to keep the fissure from sealing on release of pressure. Round sand is used to provide a porous medium through which the oil and gas can easily flow. ... Phenolic Novolac and Resol Resins

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Proppant Selection In Unconventional Reservoirs Terry Palisch Director of Petroleum Engineering ... Resin Coated Sand Low strength Irregular size and shape Naturally Occurring Product Tier 3 - Low Conductivity Sand Tier 1 - High Conductivity Ceramic High strength (minimizes crush) Uniform size and shape (maximizes frac porosity and permeability

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Proppants. Your reservoirs vary in composition, and the right proppant can help you get more out of your well. Fairmount Santrol's wide selection of proppants includes flowback-preventing curable resin-coated sands, crush-resistant precured resin-coated sands, and raw frac sand.

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Nov 05, 2015· Hexion's OilPlus™ curable resin coated sand is the first proppant specifically designed for fracturing treatments in oil and liquid-rich reservoirs. Our patent pending resin coating system ...

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Cleaner & Safer Resin Coated Sand Technology By: Phon Malone Director of Technical Sales Preferred Sands, LLC ... – Temperatures too low to effectively finishing curing the coating without an external activator ... *Crush and sample cell heated to 250 F …

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Resin Coated Our resin coated proppant performs like a pre-cured product, yet with the capacity to form particle-to-particle bonds that minimize proppant flow-back. RCS Garnet and Pearl were born of the growing needs of our clients for new technologies in proppant coatings to meet rapidly evolving well requirements, environmental concerns, and ...